Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome Baby Sister

We are so happy to announce the arrival of our little girl!

Addison Elfrieda Spencer

Born: August 24, 2011 at 7:55 am
9 lbs 3 oz
20.5" long

She is our little sweetheart.

Look how much she already adores her daddy!

Ever since we started having children the name "Addison" has topped our list.  Once we had our Clark we really wanted an Addison.  Clark is my maiden name but as Chicago Cubs fans we couldn't resist the tie in between Clark and Addison (the streets Wrigley Field sits on).  And to add to the Chicago reference the popular Grant Park suits our middle child.

Addison's middle name Elfrieda was my grandmother's name.  Sometimes I think grandma and I were cut from the same cloth.  Giving a little girl her name as a middle name was an easy choice and one I hope she someday finds unique and beautiful.  September 1st was grandma's birthday - so happy birthday grandma - I know you would have been proud of your newest great-granddaughter (just as you were proud of all your grand and great-grand children).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crazy Days

I think today I hit the bottom of the crazy barrel.  Hopefully this means that things should be looking up - right?  I don't know with baby girl on the way in just under two weeks things could potentially get crazier around here.  So what prompted this blog post regarding my life hitting an all time craziness?

1.  Could it be the fact that the only internet option we have in this out of the way area is satellite internet.  Which little did I know comes with download restrictions - we'll see if that interferes with my working remotely from home or not.  For now it does mean no watching on-line TV shows or using Netflix on-line :(  The worst was having one company lined up and then they canceled on us because they didn't have enough technicians for our area on the day of install (of course I waited the whole 4 hour time limit before they bothered to tell me this).  Than the earliest they could have someone out was the first part of SEPTEMBER!  I. work. from. home!  So called a local dealer and they set us up right away on a different satellite network.  Still have download restrictions but at least I'm connected to the world.

Crappy but not the reason for the post.

2.  Remember "The Shining" version of the Simpson's?  Where Homer writes "No Beer, No TV - make Homer go crazy" all over.  Well no caffeine and no TV is making Andrea want to pull her hair out!  OK - I willingly gave up the caffeine way back in September to keep baby safe from such things.  But who knew not watching the news in the morning really messes with my head.  Yes, there is an antennae but in this area of the state forget trying to get anything that way - at least not with the switch to digital TV.  I called Directv movers long ago and was so very excited because today our receiver was to be hooked back up in our new home.  NOooooooooooooo.  Was all I could say when the technician did not show up between 8 am and 12 pm today.  When I called in I was told that they said no one was home.  What???  I purposely worked on the bottom floor of the house so I would see a truck pull in.  Then she told me the address - they sent the tech to our OLD ADDRESS.  Seriously - we've been with them at that address for 8 years this didn't ring a bell?  Next available date - September 1st.  Really??  Again (this time near tears), I called our local communications company.  They don't usually do moves since Directv doesn't pay them for it but if we paid the fees they could set it up on Monday.  Yes, please!!! At this point I don't care about the $100.  My husband feeling he needed to ride in on a white horse for his overly pregnant wife called in and made Directv (who we have been a customer of for 12 years) refund our money for the service call.  What a sweet man - defending our honor and all that.

So - no Project Runway viewing tonight.  Still not the bottom of the crazy barrel.

3.  Being completely swollen with only 12 days left before baby arrives.  (yes mom, I check my blood pressure each day and all is well there).  Seriously, I no longer have ankles and my hands lose all feeling after too much work.  If I put my feet up though the swelling does go down and again my awesome husband doesn't complain about the now daily foot rubs.  Well, he should have to go through some discomfort for this child too- right?

Yeah - still dealing with this is what I expected with a late August baby and a move half way across the state.

4.  The move - sucks!  Sorry, not a fan of moving.  In fact, we considered not taking this job simply because we didn't want to move.  However, this is for the good of our family and things will get better.  This isn't the first time I've had a newborn and no kitchen.  When our oldest was born the kitchen and living room were being remodeled and things were everywhere!  So much thanks to our parents, my brother and friends who helped with the move.  The great thing is we have a wonderful landlord and lots of great neighbors down here (back in my husband's childhood location) who have helped us out tremendously.  It is nice to be back in a small community where neighbors help each other.

Still - moving is what it is.

5.  Cleaning disgusting who knows what from everything in this house!  I decided a while back that there was no way I had the energy to clean our house we were selling after moving out.  So, I went online and hired Molly Maids.  Best. decision. EVER!  They cleaned the cupboards, appliances - everything on the main level.  Sweet!  Plus, my wonderful mom cleaned the basement floors and went on search and destroy mission to rid the basement of spiders.  Thanks MOM!  The floors in the basement haven't looked that good since before last year's major August floods.

In hindsight I should have hired a cleaning service for the new house!  I really didn't expect the sheer awfulness that awaited.  And yes, usually in a rental situation the landlord would have taken care of the cleaning but the renters were late in moving out and then landlord and family went on their summer vacation and we at that time needed into the house.  The landlord will be replacing the carpet (which has an odd smell even after he had it shampooed).  The past couple days I have been working on organizing the kitchen and the cupboards are just yucky!  I have gone through lots of GooGone and Clorox wipes.  Today though between the swelling and the lack of TV I gave up on trying to bend down to do the bottom cupboards.  My poor husband will have to crawl around to get those clean.

A "throw my hands up" moment but still not rock bottom.

6.  Ah - here it is:  washing my maternity underwear in the kitchen sink!  Yep, that for me was when crazy laughter hit.  My two week supply of unmentionables was up.  Husband went to hook the washer up last night but realized we forgot the hoses at the old house so there was no way to hook it up.  By this afternoon I wasn't sure what I should do.  Going commando to my doctor's appointment tomorrow didn't sound like a good plan - plus I could never do that anyway.  I couldn't just go out and buy new maternity undies - those just aren't found at stores in this general area.  So, I filled a clean bucket with hot water and soap and scrubbed and rinsed and scrubbed some more.  Even this wasn't too bad - since honestly some people do wash all their delicates by hand anyway.  It was when I realized I had no idea where the clothespins were that I went a bit nuts.

How did I hang my laundry out to dry you must be wondering.  With paperclips and binder clips, of course.  I love my office supplies!  Well, at least I have some wonderfully outdoor line dried fresh laundry ready for the weekend!  It didn't help that while my clean undies were hanging in the breeze the former renters came by to check on their truck that was supposed to be gone 3 weeks ago but is still sitting here waiting for the tow truck they tell us will be coming (I'll believe it when I see it).  Hey - I guess if you can't get your act together you'll have to bear seeing a pregnant woman's large underpants blowing in the breeze!

Nothing like a little crazy to make us realize and appreciate how special the "normal" times are!