Friday, May 4, 2012

FFA Banquet Cake

Last Saturday we attended the Red Oak FFA Banquet!  My husband lovingly asked if I would make the cake.  I lovingly said yes (completely forgetting a board meeting the day before and an annual report to present). And so . . .

BAM - a new first!  Yes, that is ALL buttercream frosting.  Yes, I piped it all.  I simply don't have the money to get a fancy edible icing paper printer.  If you're wondering that is a 1/2 sheet cake, double layer with filling.

If you look at the photo up close you realize how not so great it looks on close inspection.  However, it looked great if you just looked down the table.  When I was looking for ideas for the boys' birthday cakes I found a few blogs that used Buttercream transfers (just Google Buttercream transfer and you'll find lots of good tutorials including a video from Wilton).

You see, I am NOT artistic.  Regardless of what my middle school art teacher once tried to tell my mom and I at Parent/Teacher conferences one year - I do not have potential artistic talent.  My brother - totally different story - me no.

However, I've been told I'm somewhat creative and very resourceful (thank you internet era).  So this technique fit the bill perfectly.  Basically, you find a coloring book page or simple graphic (admittedly I chose a very intricate design for my first try), reverse the image and pipe it on waxed paper layer by layer.  Put another piece of waxed paper on top and smush it down a bit.  Freeze.  Remove top layer of wax paper, place on cake remove other piece of wax paper and hope you did just the right amount of smush.  Technical - I know.

Grant's cake idea became much more realistic when I realized this is actually possible!

We also took some cake truffles.  Blue and yellow (and yellow insides).  That blue was the Wilton Candy coating blue.  Sometimes it doesn't have to be the exact shade.

Finally, my little helper.  I love that a full sheet pan is nearly as big as he is!

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