Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

This week's kite/wind lesson plan worked out a lot better than January's snow unit (no snow).  In fact, some days there was almost too much wind outside.  But today was perfect for kite flying!

Clark loved holding the kite!  Of couse, he also liked trying to catch the kite's shadow when I flew the kite.

Grant had a mini kite just for him.  They don't fly very high but he didn't care.  Plus, he could actually hold on to it.

Earlier in the week we all went out and purused the grounds for signs of spring.  Clark wanted pictures on the fallen down apple tree limb. That worked well.  Here Addie is rocking her aunt's vintage 80's knit poncho.  I love it - she can't take it off her head.

On our outing we did find some clumps of tulips and a large mass of iris.  To keep in theme with the week we also hung our wind chimes out on the porch - what a beautiful sound they make.  We also decided it was time to hang our bird feeders and fill the bird bath.  This stemmed from the boys sitting at their small table at breakfast time looking out the window and trying to spot birds.  Now with the feeders in easy view of their window we have already started to see some feathered friends.

Clark is becoming a real "cheese" when it comes to photo taking.  He likes to use a silly overdramatic smile.  I try to catch him anawares now when taking photos.

Finally, one last photo. I forgot to post Addie's six month pictures.  Here is 6 month Addie and her bear.