Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clark's Preschool Easter Party

The Thursday before Easter was Clark's class Easter party.  His group started the party by potting up some little plants in cute containers to make "fairy" gardens.  Amazingly less messy than I would have thought.  Little gardener that Clark is he had no problem tucking in the plants.


 After the garden fun it was snack time.  Clark's teacher asked if Grant wanted to join in.  Grant felt like such a BIG boy being able to sit at the table with the big kids and have a snack.

Better picture of Grant and Clark eating snack.  

After snack the kids lined up and waited for the parents to "hide" the eggs in the lawn.  After hiding eggs I went to look for Grant and couldn't find him over on the edge of the lawn where I had left him.  After a brief moment of panic I saw him sitting right next to Clark on the sidewalk with the other preschoolers waiting for the hunt to begin!  It was hard explaining to Grant that he didn't get to hunt for eggs with Clark this time around.

All the pretty eggs in the yard outside the church.

Children out gathering the eggs.  Each child was to bring an egg carton full of a dozen eggs.  The kids then hunted with their egg cartons and once they were full of eggs they were done and could help other friends fill their egg cartons.

Finally, we went inside to play a game before being dismissed.  I'm glad Alan, Grant and I were all able to share the special day with Clark and his preschool friends.

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