Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2011 Entry Completion List

Check back - as I get projects done this fall and winter I will upload photos for each completion!
We'll see - maybe another hundred is within reach!

Note on recipes:

  1. In prior years rules you may use the same recipe in two different divisions.  So you may see me count the same recipe twice and for Iowa State Fair purposes that's OK!    For now I am using the 2010 Fair Entry Book so classes are subject to change. 
  2. You may see a test kitchen recipe that makes its way over to my entry list.  When this is the case, I have modified the recipe so that I'm not copying someone else's work (except for canned goods - those are by the book).  
  3. This will be familiar to those that followed last year - fair entry recipes will not be shared until after the fair (and only if they are ribbon winners).  
  4. Finally for a recipe to be uploaded here it must be entry recipe ready (meaning I have the recipe typed up in my entry format I utilize for the fair) and filed in my 2011 ISF Entry Folder.

Entry #1:  Honey Bun Carmel Corn - 1st Division 

Entry #2: Honey Bun Caramel Corn - 2nd Division

Entry #3: Small Cross Stitch

Entry #4: Spritz Cookies