Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Believe . . .

. . . in the future of _________________

Aah yes, if you know how to finish that line then you may have been involved in FFA at some point in your life.  In this house, once January hits, FFA becomes a big deal around here.  With February looming close next week it is only intensifying.  HOWEVER; the new FFA position my husband now has of teacher (again) rather than as State Exec/Sec is SOOOOO much better!

Lots of CDE (Career Development Event) practice going on and work on scrapbook among other things.  Luckily, Alan has a great alumni and many are volunteering to come in during seminar to help with Creed, Job Interview and Conduct of Meetings practices.

This past month Alan received this for his birthday (no not the iPad - that was lovely Christmas gift from mom and dad) - the blue and gold iPad case.

Finding no buttons in my large assortment that I liked for this project a moment of genius struck when I looked in the dresser and found an old FFA pin - PERFECT!

Check out the beautiful vintage fabric used to line it - I love this fabric {swoon}.  Amazing what one finds at auctions sometimes.

Also, the kiddos went to town to watch all the Chapter Member photos.  Of course, a photo with daddy in their mini versions of Official Dress was a necessity.  Don't know if I blogged about the jackets back in November but Clark's and Addie's are both new (mommy has this whole sewing of cordoroy thing down).

Seriously - I think I should make Teddy a jacket too!
Addie has lots of room to grow into hers yet but already fitting better than when we went to National Convention.

Now, coming up in February is FFA Week.  The local alumni is planning a meal and auction to bring in some funds.  I'm toying with what type of cake to make for the auction.  Since I already made the "Blue Jacket" cake for the Degree Raising Ceremony in November I'll have to come up with something better.

Finally, I must apologize - my blogging has been pretty hit or miss at best since moving.  No, it's not the addition of 3rd child and no, it's not the home schooling fun that's been going on around here, and no, it's not FFA and Science Fair frenzy getting in the way.  It's our darn internet service - after sharing Christmas with us here my family gets how frustrating it is.  We were supposed to be upgraded in January but it was not to be - the company has pushed it back into February.  I hope they don't change their minds because I truly enjoy blogging but not when it takes more time than I'm willing to commit due to slow connection and upload speeds.

Plus, I am delving into a new realm (and business) and can't wait to share with everyone.  This weekend my husband and I started putting together our business and marketing plans.  I'm going to open a small scale cake/goodie shop from my home kitchen.  Lots to put together yet but things are already snowballing.  FFA seniors are asking me for graduation cakes and cookies already (and this is before I even thought about starting such an endeavor).

I believe God guides us along the path we're meant to travel in this life.  As I began to think about this cake/goodie business I realized maybe this whole state fair challenge was a guide to this point.  You see, for me, entering the Iowa State Fair in Foods has been as much about educating myself and refining my skills as much as anything else.  I have learned so much about the science of baking these past few years.  I still challenge myself to practice baking each month - just now I have an outlet to get rid of the stuff by shipping it off to FFA Chapter and Alumni meetings.  This has led to students a.) not wanting to miss a meeting because of the food and b.) asking to purchase goodies. In fact, we have one student who watched our livestock over Thanksgiving who asked for cake in payment.  He proudly told me later he ate the whole thing himself over the course of 3 days - darn high schoolers and their great metabolisms.

And yes, I checked the Iowa State Fair Food Division rules - as long as my baking business doesn't make more than 25% of my income I'm still able to exhibit!  So, we're starting small and asking God's guidance along the way.