Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Skeletons in my Cupboards

Not that I usually show people my cupboards (especially the insides) but I thought I'd show off my before and after photos today.  While the boys were playing, I decided to tackle the kitchen cupboards.  Cooking and baking just aren't as appealing when you have to dig for supplies.  I kept things well organized through the State Fair but it went downhill fast after that.

OK - here we go -- here are the horrible guts of my large pantry.

My husband feels the middle drawer is much ignored and neglected and should be used more (the chocolate chip/nut drawer).

The boys' cupboard - BEFORE:

I even found extra space and room to spare - whoa!

The dreaded spice/cookie sprinkle cupboard - BEFORE: (note before also spills onto the kitchen counter -grrr!)

Ta Da!  Forgot to show the counter but it is now clear and free - ready for action!

I also managed to clean the upper and lower corner cupboards and cleaned up the cupboard under the kitchen sink (that was overdue for a makeover).  The boys decided early on that helping mommy was much more fun than playing in the living room.  So I had lots of help.  Luckily I emptied/consolidated some spice containers - that kept them occupied for quite some time.

There you have it - I showed off my skeletons!  What skeletons do you have lurking in your home?  I decided to do one cupboard at a time and it went rather quickly.  Now I feel like getting started on Christmas baking.  Something about a clean and organized kitchen makes me feel like baking (that and the cold, wintry weather).

In other news:
Grant has now officially joined us at the table.  Well, he's always eaten with us but now he is out of the high chair and in a booster seat.  He thinks it's the best!

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Tracy J said... accomplished a lot. It looks GREAT!