Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stories for Ash Wednesday

This evening had me in a reflective mood.  As the Lenten season begins I keep thinking back on some of the little things the boys have done that remind me of God's love.  I decided I wanted to post these little stories so I would remember them later.

Skipping Down the Aisles:
Grandma told me after church one Sunday how she felt people didn't show the proper emotion after sharing communion.  I must have looked at her funny because she continued to tell me that she was so happy after communion that she felt like skipping back down the aisle.  As one of the greatest sacraments we receive she told me she felt uplifted and happy to know her sins were forgiven and the slate wiped clean because of God's sacrifice.

I miss grandma an awful lot.  Words can't express how much I miss her talks.  But sometimes I think she must have whispered these sentiments in Clark's little ear.  We take the boys up to the communion rail with us where they receive a special blessing from each Pastor.  Clark walks up the aisle with me hand in hand.  On Sunday's where we use individual cups rather than the common cup, he takes my cup to place in the basket. But once this responsibility is complete he happily goes skipping down the aisle.  And every time I see him skipping down the aisle I can't help but think of grandma and how happy she'd be.  And since all of this makes me smile I happily walk down the aisle too remembering grandma's words and how happy I am to be one of God's children and my sins forgiven.

Grant's Prayer:
Little Grant may be just shy of 22 months old but he teaches me little lessons nonetheless.  He loves to fold his hands and pray.  At lunch we now say a prayer before the meal and thank you prayer either during or after the meal because Grant wants to pray again.

Yesterday, Grant and I had some time to spare before picking Clark up from Preschool.  We had run all the errands we needed so I decided a trip to the bookstore might be fun.  When we went inside I realized Grant hadn't had a snack and I had forgotten to pack one like I normally do if we'll be running errands.  Since they have a little coffee bar we went to have a little treat.  Grant picked out a big chocolate chunk cookie (and yes, he can say the word chocolate).  We bought a couple of chocolate milks and had our cookie warmed up so it was nice and gooey.

When we found a table, Grant wanted his coat off and then I helped him up into the big people's chair.  He could just see over the table.  I took my coat off and sat down.  As I went to break the cookie in half to share Grant folded his hands, looked up at me and said "pray, mommy?"  I think as we said our mealtime prayer I may have cried little tears of joy.  How humbling to have a child so little fold his hands to pray before eating a delicious chocolate cookie.

We proceeded to share our cookie and drink our milk and I know I smiled the whole time.  I even gave Grant the biggest share of the cookie.  He enjoyed every bite!  After our snack we found some fun Easter books to take home and share with Clark.  The greatest treat for me though was praying with little Grant.

Monday, March 7, 2011

'tis a busy time of year!

So sorry for my long absence.  Until the State Science + Technology Fair of Iowa is over I probably won't have much time to blog but I wanted to check in to let you know I haven't forgotten about my blog or my challenge.  The State Science Fair is April 1 and 2 so not much time left before it happens.  Last week all of the entries were due.  I was swamped with over 400 sets of papers.  We have over 500 students registered.  We have set a 15+ year record for the number of high school students exhibiting!

In addition, my boys have been sick the past couple of weeks.  Both had fevers that led to nasty ear infections.  Clark and I spent the Sunday before last in the ER at 3 am because his ear hurt so bad he couldn't sleep.  Luckily the antibiotics have done the trick and both are back to their normal selves.

While I'm busy working the boys have been occupying themselves in many ways.  One of my favorites  was the box.  This box started out as a long box that was used as a train, plane and boat.  Once it finally fell apart it made a great place to color!

My absolute favorite though was when Clark decided to "send e-mail."  Great reminder that what I do is open to copying by the boys.  Clark took a stack of papers that after printing I realized I didn't need.  To recycle I gave the stack to the boys to color on or fold.

Clark took the stack and put a paper clip or clothespin on each sheet.

When I asked what he was doing he said, "I'm sending e-mail, mommy."

Grant had to be in on the "e-mail" fun too!

Hope everyone is having a good March!