About this Blog

A couple things about this blog. This blog is first and foremost my personal journal. My grandmother believed in journaling each day - I regret now not starting earlier in life but would like to leave something for my children and have some fun along the way. I would love to have folks follow along my journey with me.

What I discovered when I started this project is that entering the State Fair really is about showing off the things I love in every day life! Quite simply my entries embody my day to day life. This is why a challenge blog and personal blog make no sense to me because so many daily items relate to the state fair challenge. So one blog.

You will see I also enjoy new challenges so you will see me putting up various challenges, quilt alongs, swaps, etc with other groups! My philosophy is every new thing learned betters me as a person (it can't hurt my entries either). I love the blog world because one can learn from so many other creative and talented people and work on honing their own skills.

And finally a bit about me that you won't see in my profile. My degrees are in Agronomy and Entomology with a Master's in Agriculture & Science Education. I am a researcher at heart and so I totally geek out on the chemistry and math that goes into so many of my projects. And you thought your high school math teacher led you astray ;0