Monday, May 14, 2012

Lego Crayons


Yesterday, our little red turned 3!
The boys picked Legos as their birthday.

We will be working this into their party on Memorial Day Weekend, but, we are also using Legos in this week's activities.

today we took all our broken crayons and made them into Lego crayons. The boys actually both loved peeling the paper and sorting the colors.

Grant is usually not a "craft" kind of guy but he enjoyed this activity and even after Clark left he stayed and continued to help mommy.

Grant wanted red Lego guys. Clark wanted multi-colored Lego blocks. I can't believe that they didn't argue over the selections! They had lots of fun tucking the cut up pieces into the molds. These molds were so worth the purchase.

Mommy made some blocks too :). After they were done they played with new "Legos" for quite some time. Grant loves lining up the Lego crayon guys. We'll use the ones that haven't been used as party favors. I may need to go hide them tonight.



Betsy212 said...

We had a lego party last year! So much fun! Are you making a lego cake? I made a 9x13 cake and put 6 cupcakes on top then frosted the entire thing.

Betsy212 said...

My son had a Lego party last year. The kids loved it! Made the crayons too! We made a Lego cake using a 9x13 cake with 6 cupcakes on top - frosted the whole thing bright blue.