Monday, March 7, 2011

'tis a busy time of year!

So sorry for my long absence.  Until the State Science + Technology Fair of Iowa is over I probably won't have much time to blog but I wanted to check in to let you know I haven't forgotten about my blog or my challenge.  The State Science Fair is April 1 and 2 so not much time left before it happens.  Last week all of the entries were due.  I was swamped with over 400 sets of papers.  We have over 500 students registered.  We have set a 15+ year record for the number of high school students exhibiting!

In addition, my boys have been sick the past couple of weeks.  Both had fevers that led to nasty ear infections.  Clark and I spent the Sunday before last in the ER at 3 am because his ear hurt so bad he couldn't sleep.  Luckily the antibiotics have done the trick and both are back to their normal selves.

While I'm busy working the boys have been occupying themselves in many ways.  One of my favorites  was the box.  This box started out as a long box that was used as a train, plane and boat.  Once it finally fell apart it made a great place to color!

My absolute favorite though was when Clark decided to "send e-mail."  Great reminder that what I do is open to copying by the boys.  Clark took a stack of papers that after printing I realized I didn't need.  To recycle I gave the stack to the boys to color on or fold.

Clark took the stack and put a paper clip or clothespin on each sheet.

When I asked what he was doing he said, "I'm sending e-mail, mommy."

Grant had to be in on the "e-mail" fun too!

Hope everyone is having a good March!

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