Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby Sewing

I'm not sure what possessed me the other day (other than my maternal nesting instincts are kicking in for baby number 3 and I have nothing accomplished for her at this point) but I felt like doing a little sewing.  Now the majority of my sewing room and fabrics are packed up and loaded on a trailer but I couldn't part with my sewing machine and a few sewing essentials yet so they are still accessible.  

The other day when the kids and I needed to get out of the house for a showing we ran to Hobby Lobby and the boys helped pick out some adorable owl fabric to make "baby sister" a little swaddler.  I know she's an August baby but even August babies at first need a little soft and warmth.

It was a super simple pattern by Kwik Sew (Kwik Sew 3734).  I took these photos before putting the hook and loop tape on but that is now finished too!  Which I found a great new product (well new to me at least) - Velcro Brand Fabric Fusion!  It was AWESOME!  I despise sewing on hook and loop and I thought it would make my cute outer portion of the swaddler look not as finished.  On the other hand the adhesive tape doesn't adhere the best to fabrics for long periods.  But the iron on stuff is amazing.  There's no way it's coming off.  The boys have been playing with opening and closing the pieces and the hold is strong as ever.

Alright it's time to get back to my 3 page long To Do List to sell the house and pack it up for moving.  But this was a fun little diversion and it will be put to use soon!  I keep reminding myself that God knew there was no way I could handle this move with a newborn but it's still possible with the baby still snug inside - not always easy but still manageable :)

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