Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playing Dress-Up

During nap time today I realized Clark wasn't taking a nap; but, he was being quiet.  Since I had a lot of work to do I figured quiet time in his room was OK with me.  Somehow his little body knows when 3:30 pm hits because he came sauntering out his bedroom door like normal.  He was so proud to show me his accomplishment.

During nap time he had decided to try out different outfits until he landed on this combination that he just loved!  When I tucked him in bed all he had on was a t-shirt and underwear.  Now he was supporting layered shirts and dress pants (and I was informed you can only wear black socks with the dress pants).

Now the t-shirt was on backwards but he liked the look of the dinosaur on the back.

He decided to model for me in his room.  I rather forgot about the old mirror behind his door.  He thought the mirror was perfect for seeing his clothing creations.  And no, this was not the only outfit he tried.  I was informed of shirts that no longer fit him and should be taken out of the drawers.

Mommy just loves the cuteness of it all.  This age is so much fun!

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