Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Strikes Again!

So sorry for my lack of blogging lately -- between baby number 3 sapping all my energy and preparing for the State Science Fair (my real job) it's been a busy time!

When we did have a day stuck in the house our internet was also out - so, no posts.  However, we did take lots of pictures (this was on blizzard day last Wednesday):

 Clark on his way out to the backyard (notice the drift over his head).

Drift from the other side.

Braced against the wind.

Making his way to daddy.

The slide dug out to go tend the animals.


Warming up with the goats.  As bad as the doorway to the barn was the rest of the barn was pretty much snow free and toasty warm.  The snow that surrounds the barn is now acting as an insulator.

Even the kitties braved the weather to get a snack!  Three little calico girls and their all-black brother.  They are just so healthy for being fall born kittens.  They're kind of snow kitties - they love playing in the snow and love the fact that the drifts allow them to jump directly into tree branches!

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