Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Day of Insect Fun!

Today we decided to fix a picnic lunch and head for Reiman Gardens.  
We wanted to check out the new insect exhibits.

We started in the butterfly wing.  
Clark and Grant loved pointing out all the different butterflies. 

We headed outside to see the BIG insects!

I think the ants were the favorites of the day.

Although the Children's Garden maze held lots of attraction.

And of course the big Gnome was a hit too.  
Although by this time Clark was no longer into posing for photos.

It was great fun to watch Grant practice his balancing skills throughout the day.  
He has definitely hit that "I do it!" 2 year old stage of life.

After eating a picnic lunch under a nice shade tree the boys found another part of the garden to explore the fountains.  Water fountains have always been some of Clark's favorite things.  Today I spent lots of time explaining how a fountain and it's pumps work.

One last outdoor shot with the giant mosquito. 

Inside once more to go to the conservatory and see the ant invasion!

We all liked the little rock/metal ants throughout the conservatory!  

After all that the boys were ready to head for home.  So, according to plan I wore them out.  Unfortunately this backfired on me when Grant fell asleep on the way home and refused to wake up so nap time (and therefore wake up time) was VERY early today and I did not accomplish quite as much as hoped for this afternoon.  Oh well!  Clark meanwhile has decided he's too old for naps - humph - we'll see about that.  
He did mention tonight that his legs were very sleepy (tired).

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