Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet Fred

Meet our new puppy - Fred!

Fred is a Rat Terrier (the same breed my husband had growing up).  He was born on February 16, 2011.  He was about 9 weeks old when we brought him home on Maunday Thursday.

He smelled a bit like pig (yes, he came from a hog farm up the road a ways) when he came home so he was treated to a bath.

He took the bath amazingly well.

Grant thought this was great fun to watch.


A close up shot of Fred done by our fine little photographer - Clark.

Fred has been living with us for over a week now and we think he is a good fit with our family.  He listens well, he doesn't stray far from any of us when outside, he treats the chickens and goats with respect (probably because they are bigger than he is and let's just say his curiosity towards one of the roosters ended not as Fred expected), he doesn't chase the cats (in fact, Purple scares him - Purple just has to come into visible range for Fred to dart behind my legs; then again, Purple takes on bobcats so this new little creature isn't going to have the upper hand in that relationship) and he only barks when it seems well deserved.  Plus, we are well on our way towards being completely potty trained!  Only a couple little accidents last week.

Finally and most importantly he LOVES to play with Clark and Grant.  There's nothing like watching the boys run and run and run with a little dog following close behind.

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