Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heat Wave

Here is how we helped handle the heat wave that has settled over our area of the country this week.

On Sunday, we ran to town and picked up an inexpensive wading pool for the boys.

The boys couldn't wait to play in the water so it was very COLD!  You know, from the depth of the well cold.  But the expression on Grant's face when he poured water over his head was priceless!  They both soaked themselves over and over again.

The boys had wanted the pool at the store with the slide built in but I convinced them we could come up with something better (and save some money).  So we took the little slide (that the goats like to play on) from the sandbox and moved it to the pool area.

The boys have had great fun enjoying the pool on these hot days.  They especially love that the rules that apply to bath time DO NOT apply to pool time!

Don't let Fred fool you - he merely looks curious in this picture.  Yesterday while Clark was in the pool  I found Fred playing with Clark completely submersed in the water - Fred was loving every minute of it.  He was even laying down in the "shallow" end (little bit of a slope to the yard).  Yes, we have a water loving dog.  Who can blame him in this heat!


Mom said...

Love it!

chandra said...

Hay kids, you brought my memories back, i and my bro used to do the same! Thanks..you look cute!
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