Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Type Am I?

That's a pretty open ended question.  I have taken many quizzes and tests to find out.  Things regarding my personality, my work habits/style, my strengths and weaknesses, etc.  Most of these for work or school.  Today I found something else to help me find direction.  Hah - I need all the help I can get in that regard.  But today's direction is more home decorating style focused.

Today as I was reading through a few blog posts I found this blog post entitled "House Speak" by The Shabby Nest.  Since we are in the process of moving to a new home it made me think about my own decorating style.  I have to admit when we first bought this house I almost cried since it wasn't exactly the charming 2-story farm house I would like.  I actually find ranch homes boring and architecturally ugly.  However, with a lot of time, hard work by hubby and myself we made it feel cozy and homey. Now I am actually sad to leave it and it's open floor plan we created.

Our new rental home will be that charming 2-story farm house complete with original wood work and pocket doors (and a front porch with a porch swing!).  We've only done a brief walk through so I look forward to getting inside again the middle of the month to take measurements, figure paint schemes and hopefully by August at least have the nursery, kitchen and boys' room put together.

So for a little fun today while I sat for a break to put my feet up (thankfully they aren't swelling up) I took the style quiz over at Sproost.  Actually no surprises - I am a mix of 40% Traditional Country, 40% Classic and 20% Modern Elegance.  That pretty much sums me up.  From the Traditional County I like to surround myself with vintage pieces, rare finds and hand-me downs to help create a homey feeling.  From the classic I like classic lines, solid furniture and an overall sophisticated feel.  And then there is that little modern side of me where I enjoy simplicity and some modern pops mixed in with my vintage items.  Where I fall short on the modern side is actually keeping the place from feeling cluttered.  I'm going to work on that in the next home.

OK - back to working on getting this house to the final stages of the sale!  We have a buyer (only 5 days on the market I can't believe it), now we just need to get through inspections next week (still lots to do).  Once we get past inspections I'll sleep better!

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