Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feels Like Fall!

Here's what I found Clark doing outside today!  He actually was having problems getting a nice pile together but once I showed him the proper way to use the rake he was all over it.  He was so excited to rake leaves - for jumping in of course.

The picture below is Clark tossing the walnuts out of the pile.  He decided those would hurt upon landing in the leaves.  Honestly, we have to watch it around here.  If one isn't careful there is potential to be hit on the head by falling walnuts! 

Seriously - I want to know how to maintain their enthusiasm to go rake for years to come (and sweep - I'll find them sweeping randomly as well).

They were very happy boys with their rakes and the leaves.

It provided lots of time for laughing and rolling in the leaves.  Here's to hoping there are lots of beautiful fall days left.

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Beth R said...

Oh fun! We want to come jump in the leaves too! And I don't blame the boys for tossing out the walnuts at all. Who wants to jump on those?!? The squirrels will appreciate their thoughtfulness too.