Friday, September 30, 2011

Homecoming 2011

This afternoon we met grandpa to watch the 2011 Red Oak Homecoming parade - Go Tigers!  In order to get good seats we needed to be there early. To pass the time Clark and Grant enjoyed listening to grandpa read them the library books we had checked out earlier in the day!

Even Addie wore the school colors - yes, we are tigers (orange and black).  Good thing I could find all of the kids' Halloween apparel! 

This was the first year the FFA had entered a float in a long time.  The FFA kids were really excited.  Alan helped with float building a couple evenings earlier in the week.  The boys even went with last night. 

Unfortunately the FFA float was not allowed entry into the parade after a couple teachers complained that the float's message was inappropriate.  OK - Alan and I are pretty hard core when it comes to what we consider acceptable both in general taste and in keeping a positive view of agriculture.  I guess I'll just show you the pictures and let you decide. 

We thought it was fun (no - not actual manure, just soil; and no - the PTO shaft was not hooked up, so no actual spreading of anything) as did all the parents and alumni and the administration.  However, the administration didn't want bad press - which I suppose we can't blame them there.  The funny thing is the kids got the idea after looking through some old 1980's scrapbooks where the chapter had done the same thing.  Funny how times have changed!

The FFA kids still went through the parade.  They carried their new Red Oak FFA banner, a bunch of them rode in the back of a truck with their FFA t-shirts followed by the John Deere tractor (without the attachment).  We'll chalk this up as a learning experience and move on - although my suggestion for next year is "PLOW them Under" - imagine the possibilities!

Our preschool activity today (other than story time at the library) consisted of sorting parade candy.  First sorted by general type, than color or more specific type.  Finally, Clark worked on some division as he counted them out and figured out how to equally split the candy pieces between himself and Grant.  We were in such a good spot on the parade that we won't need to go trick or treating :)

Wishing you all a happy last day of September and HELLO October!

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