Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Spring Cleaning + Some Great Sewing Fun Coming Up

Working on cleaning up the blog today.  Now that another Science Fair is in the books (for the most part) and arrangements are made for the International Science Fair trip (again, mostly) a little more focus can go back to things like keeping the blog updated (more or less).

We are working on Spring Cleaning the house - including a new paint job in the laundry/bath just off the kitchen.  You know, something that started out as simple as moving the freezer and putting up shelves for a pantry becomes a full-blown remodel.  Well as much remodel as one can do while renting.  Pretty much means upgrade = loads of paint.  Anyway, more on that project later.

To keep up with my blog reading I have begun using Flipboard on my iPad.  I love the program.  It also keeps track of news sources, Facebook, Twitter, flickr - most of your social media stuff all in one program.  Getting back into reading blogs I realized I started reading again just in time for two of my favorite things!


This week they have changed the focus.  They have partnered with the organization called Conkerr Cancer. “Giving sick kids a reason to smile.. one pillowcase at a time.” 
The goal for this FNSI is to make pillowcases and send them in.  The organizers of FNSI ask, "We would like to ask each and everyone who participates in the April Friday Night Sew In on April 20th, to make a pillowcase for a critically ill child. Just think of how many children we could make smile if we do this together!"
I'm in!  Check out the fabrics I'm thinking of using for the pillowcases.

Click the link above or the button on the right hand side to join the fun this Friday!


I wish I had more time to sew for my kiddos.  I love this challenge and it's true an hour a day can achieve great things.  Addie's at an age that is so easy to sew for and I have some great simple patterns.  She actually needs some little pants which are super easy so no excuses now.  And Clark loves mommy's pj's - so need to sew him some more comfy pants (he is starting to use serious yardage though these days).

Plus, these blue and gold fabrics need to meet up with needle and thread:

Click the link above or the button on the right hand side to join in next week!  Or just go and look at some of her inspiration blogs - can't believe how creative people are.

 Before all of that sewing fun though I need to finish this project:

Recycled two old pair of jeans (that weren't even usuable as chore clothes anymore).  These are being made into bean bags.  Hubby called in a favor and needs them this Friday for an elementary program the AgEd/FFA is doing.  Gotta love old denim - so many great ways to repurpose.  I may have to use one of my old pairs still sitting around to make Addie some pants.  Blue Denim - Pink thread - oh yeah that could be great! 

Focus Andrea - you must focus!

All for now!

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