Friday, April 20, 2012

FNSI Results

Tonight I finished 4 pillowcases during Friday Night Sew In. These will be shipped off to Conkerr Cancer on Monday. I apologize for poor photo quality. But since I won't have time to blog tomorrow I took low quality iPad photos in a poorly lit house tonight and decided to blog from bed.

This is my favorite. I've had this insect fabric forever (and yards of it). I guess the entomologist in me couldn't resist it's appeal! Hopefully someone will love it as much as I do. Since I can no longer just run to town for fabric everything came from my stash. Ha - feels good to clean out some fabrics and have them used to hopefully brighten another's day! I tried to find fabrics that older children/teens may like since the organization website said they had a need for these.

After whipping these up today I have decided to never buy novelty pillowcases for my children again. They were so easy to pull together! If only I could find Angry Bird fabric I know what oldest son would be getting for his birthday. I checked - there is some available but at a very steep price. Oh well, there's some great super hero fabric for a much better price.

Not that you can really tell from the photo but the boys picked out the chocolate fabric (far end). They thought that would make a great pillow for a boy or girl. (and they thought it looked yummy).

After pillowcases I put my plan together for kids clothes to sew next week for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge. Looks like a lot of little Addie things if I can get to it all. Along with finishing some suspenders for the boys.

Thank you dear Lord for our healthy kiddos. We hope these little pieces made with love will bring a smile or two. Please watch over, send peace, and give strength to those who suffer.


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Heidi said...

Yay! Love the pillowcases. So glad you participated! I love the bug fabric too. I didn't even think to use bug fabric. That's a great idea.