Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome Little Friends

Saturday morning at 4:00 am receive a text message saying our package has shipped.

Shortly after breakfast that same day at 9:00 am the post master calls saying our package has arrived.

We quickly hustle everyone to the car and 1/2 an hour later our babies are home!

Twenty six baby Turkens (naked neck chickens) and one little exotic chicken arrive. We are not prepared since they were scheduled to arrive the week of the 15th. Usually in the past this means Monday or later. But like all babies they arrive when they're ready.

The boys love holding the babies and constantly sneak off to the back porch to "check" on their chicks. Clark is old enough and gentle enough that I let him help me transfer them and hold them on his own. Grant still needs help to hold gently. He loved holding them all on his lap.

Addie loves to watch the babies too. She gets so excited and starts flapping her arms and bouncing up and down. However, this is her only view of the little ones.

She still enjoys watching from outside the pen. Next time I have her out on the porch I should record her squeals of sheer delight.

And it's not just the young ones that love our little birds. The adults in the house get lots of joy watching the new additions too. Of course if mama cat had her way she'd watch from much closer than the porch window.

These will join the 5 little Rhode Island Reds we picked up at the farm store 3 weeks ago. In 3 more weeks the last of the crew will join them - that's when the turkeys and Barred Rocks are scheduled to arrive.

Ahhh, can't wait to have a nice little flock again.


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