Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Night

Halloween Night found us carving pumpkins!

First the boys each drew a face on their pumpkin.

Grant has a thing with mini - pumpkins so we just let him color his own pumpkin.  Daddy asked him what he wanted for a face - he said happy so his pumpkin received a happy face.

The boys carving and scooping goop.  Have to save the seeds for roasting.

 Grant with his pumpkin - he wanted to hold onto it the whole time it was lit.

Clark next to the upside down face that he and daddy thought was amazingly funny.

Our pumpkins on display.  It was such a nice night even Addie came out for a short time to join the family fun.

Can't believe it's November already!  Roasted the pumpkin seeds today and can't wait to have them for snack time this week.  We started our Thanksgiving count-down calendar on the 1st and are having fun working with the boys on showing gratitude and giving thanks.

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Beth R said...

So very cool! Loved all the photos of the carving adventures and great shots of the lit pumpkins.