Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat

Last post I mentioned that the boys decided not to wear the costumes we had planned on.  Maybe deciding to find and open the toy box full of our costumes and pretend play items two days before Red Oak's Trick or Treat on the Square night was not mom's best decision.

Clark's Darth Vader costume that we bought last year at the consignment store (on sale) fit perfectly but I think Clark has a thing with masks and decided he didn't want to wear the costume.  Grant's dragon costume from last year was a bit too small and the dragon/dinosaur costume Clark has worn the past two years is still too big for Grant.  The vast majority of the other costumes are rather female in nature (witch, mouse, prairie girl dress and bonnet, etc.).  Luckily I did this before our monthly trip to Council Bluffs (to go to Walmart, Target and Sam's Club).  The boys were immediately drawn to the knight's sword, shield, and helmut in the toy box.  Both decided they wanted to be knights and fight dragons. (They also thought Addie should be a princess but I wasn't going there this year).

Picked up a new sword and shield for Grant for under $5.00 that actually had the exact same dragon insignia as the items we already had at home. We luckily found some great fabric for $13.00 at Walmart. 

That worked its way into awesome knight's suits on Wednesday.  Two costumes done before 4:30 PM and the Trick or Treat night.  Good thing Addie had me up at 4:30 AM for her morning feeding.  I have enough fabric left over that I could also make "chain mail" pants but ran out of time yesterday.  I also have the black fabric to make "boots" and belts. 

It's hard to see in the photo but the sleeves and hood look like chain mail.   I used a shiny silver lamine under a shiny grey sports apparel fabric (like used for shorts) that has holes built in.  It looked pretty neat and actually shined in the sun.
Addie went in her little kitty outfit.

And later when it cooled off more we tucked her into the traditional baby hot dog costume.

Better view of the "chain mail" effect on the boys' costumes.
Happy Halloween!

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Cortney said...

I can say that this year it wasn't the same without my little trick -o-treaters! Although I did meet a bunch of Knoxville kids, none were as cute as the Spencers! Miss you guys!