Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fresh Orange Juice {for the boys}

Last week the FFA fruit (fundraiser for husband's students) came in!  Made for a busy week for my husband but the students delivered it in just 2 days which we consider pretty good.

Last week Clark and Grant were watching a little Disney Channel and saw Special Agent Oso help a preschooler make fresh orange juice.  Darn TV giving my kids ideas - at least this was a good one :)  However, all week the question of can we make our own OJ was repeated over and over.  Clark even went into the kitchen, searched the cupboards and found my old juicer.
Back to the first paragraph - I did not order any oranges.  Luckily, Alan had some extra boxes.  So we bought a 1/2 box and he brought it home on Friday.  We promised the boys we'd make orange for breakfast on Saturday.

The boys LOVED squeezing juice out of the oranges. 

They enjoyed drinking it too! 

Although I was offered some of the lovely smelling concoction I politely declined.  My mom will tell you that it was her fault I can't stand pulpy orange juice because she used to strain my OJ when I was little.  Don't know if this is the reason but I really can't stand OJ with pulp.  Frankly, unless I'm sick I don't like OJ at all.  Again my mother (who does happen to be a registered dietician) will say she should have never listened to the doctor that told her to start me on OJ when I was just a baby.  Yup, some odd philosophies back in the 70's!
All I have to say is bring on the apples!

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Elizabeth said...

Love OJ but it has to be pulp-free... all the way!! :)