Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Merry

Somehow, even in the midst of all the chaos that is our household, December 1st did not seem to smack me upside the head this year!  Amazingly when I packed up all the Christmas paraphenilia last year I actually created a box with all the Advent calendars and wreaths, the nativities and items needed at the very beginning of the season for setting trees!  LARGE SMILE!  Plus, with our new attic, the box was amazingly easy to find and pull out.

So, this morning the kiddos were surprised with all the advent and countdown to Christmas items ready and waiting.

I loved the addition of the Christmas book countdown that we did last year; however, I was not looking forward to wrapping 50 books (I actually have 75 and have included Addie).  Don't judge me.  I have been collecting Christmas books for a very long time.

Anyway - I came across a post this year where the family had sewn bags and filled the bag each day with a book.  I have to agree it saves time and paper (lots of paper).  So, this is my variation.  Boxes!

Super simple and I can load them with surprises other than books throughout the season so it is truly a surprise each day!  Today's surprises were the Advent LEGO calendar and Playmobil calendar.  The boys were super excited.  They get to open them each night with daddy before bed!  If you want to see a preschooler and a toddler get to work cleaning a playroom just tell them the faster they clean the faster they get to open a door on the calendar.  Lightning fast I tell you!

Grant and his Playmobil calendar.
My only question today was why did I not put the advent candles with the advent wreath? Grrr.

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