Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boy or Girl

In about 24 hours we'll know whether baby #3 is a little boy or a little girl.  Well, that is unless it's like it's brothers and refuses the ultrasound technician a front view.  My boys liked to show off their little bottoms on ultrasounds.

So, here is what the family thinks (we're evenly divided).

Alan - baby girl
Clark - baby girl
Grant - baby boy
Me - baby boy

At least half of the family will be right.  We've been asking the boys for a while now what they think the baby will be.  Clark and Grant have never wavered on their responses.  I think Grant just wants a little brother instead of being the little brother.  Clark thinks it would be cute to have a baby sister.

Anyway - we'll have to wait and see.  As far as names go we have lots of little girl choices.  If it's a little boy we may be making up the name in the hospital.


Hollie said...

Our families votes

Gabe-A Boy
Ty-A Boy
Me-I say girl,Callie needs another girl around to help her with all these boys:) (Although she is used to boys so she would be good with another one of those too:)
Callie said yeah for both:)(Carl is at a jobsite today and I couldn't ask him:)
Hope it goes well!

dmm said...

My parents thought I was a boy so only had a boy name picked out, thank goodness Dad had the Bible with! :)

Tracy J said...

Congrats either way!!!!! My guess is girl. And how special will she feel growing up with 2 big brothers to watch over her. Of course, so will a little brother. Either way....lots MORE joy coming into your family.