Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Iowa FFA Convention

Ahh April - you bring us such joy and misery. From beautiful weather and enjoying our first picnic last week to snow and slush hitting the ground today.  "sigh"  Oh well - at least it hasn't actually frozen any of my little plants (yet).  April also brings the Iowa FFA State Leadership Conference (or SLC or Convention).  Which means I get to bring out the boys' ever so adorable Official Dress.

The best part this year though was playing with the boys at the end of the conference.  I run the Convention Office for my husband and that is where grandma or Whitney would bring the boys to play after nap time.  We had LOTS of left over apple boxes that the boys thought were oh so fun to play in on the last day!

Amber (one of our babysitters and Alan's FFA intern) helped them build towers.

Grandma and Amber put together tunnels that the boys crawled through.

I think their favorite part though was knocking the tower over (and starting over again).

Clark also built a road that he, Grant and Grandma ran through (it even came complete with a construction zone)!

Many, many thanks to Grandma, Whitney and Amber for helping care for the boys throughout the conference - it made a world of difference to not have to worry about the boys and their schedules!

In Iowa State Fair news - today while I watched the snow fly I downloaded the Entry books for some of the areas I'm considering entering this year.  P.S. - ISF I love the Butter Cow theme this year (and that it is carrying over into some of the entry classes)!

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