Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday, we went to St. Paul Lutheran's (Clark's Preschool) Easter Egg Hunt.  It wasn't a perfect warm sunny Spring day but that didn't seem to matter to the kids.

Waiting for the hunt to begin.  Clark could actually put the basket over his head, down his body and step out of it when he got it down to his feet.  Mom wasn't too excited by the whole stunt but daddy laughing didn't help matters.

Waiting with his preschool and Sunday School friend Eliza.

Grant enjoyed picking up eggs.

He was proud of his little basket full!  All the kids were directed to find 15 eggs (empty) and then they could turn the eggs in for a bag of goodies.  Clark counted up the eggs in both his basket and Grant's to make sure they had the right number.

Clark's first taste of Nerds candy - he he!  He loved eating them but the look on his first taste was pretty funny!

It turned out to be a very busy Palm Sunday - but we had lots of fun.  We had to be at church pretty early for practices since I was playing in the bell choir and Clark was singing with the Sunday School children.  Although Clark didn't do a lot of singing.  That palm frond seemed to be quite a distraction.

May you all have a blessed Holy Week.

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