Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Day

Since most of February and March (and much of April) are driven by work for Alan and myself we decided to take a day off today and spend it with the boys.

Our first stop was the Iowa Science Center.  Grandma took them last week and they enjoyed it - so we decided to go as a family.  Alan had never actually been to the Science Center so this was his first visit.  I will admit we're rather spoiled - having visited the Indianapolis Children's Museum everything else pales in comparison.

Clark enjoyed making his own Star show.

Blocks were also popular.  Both boys spend lots of time building with various materials.

After an early lunch we went to a movie together.  We've never done this as a foursome before!  Yep - Grant's first movie!  He really enjoyed "Rio."  We couldn't believe how well he sat for the whole thing.  In fact, he sat better than Clark (although Clark was pretty good too).

Finally (after shopping for shoes for Clark's ever growing feet), we stopped for some Coldstone Creamery ice cream.  Clark opted for the Cotton Candy with sprinkles.  He enjoys trying new flavors.

Grant stuck to his tried and true Chocolate - but it had to have sprinkles.  He's a big fan of sprinkles.

Both boys slept all the way home - allowing Alan and I some time to catch up too.

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