Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunny Day

I couldn't resist taking a picture of my pretty little crocuses poking up out of the ashes.  Amazing how even with such destruction my little flowers still decided to poke through and bloom.  These little flowers are part of my garden that sat next to the old well house that burned to the ground due to faulty wiring in January.  There are some tulips coming up too - so it seems the bulbs made it.

Our daffodils also seemed to enjoy the sunny day.  They were almost open Sunday, then rebelled against the cold and wind yesterday only to open to the warm sun today.

Today I get to count as my first official day of gardening!  The boys and I planted onions in the backyard flower/herb garden.  We planted lots of onions but didn't seem to make a dent in our bag we picked up at Holub's on Sunday.  That's OK, my plan is to plant some every couple of weeks to spread the harvest season out.

My garden plan is a bit different this year.  Rather than putting everything in the large plot we are going to plant a kitchen garden around the house.  I want to work things like tomatoes, peppers, herbs, lettuce, onions, etc. throughout the flower beds by the house.  Being pregnant and due in August it sounds nice to just step out the door to care for my high need veggies.  Of course, the corn, potatoes, etc. will still go in the big plot.  While exploring the big garden I noticed the strawberry plants I put in last year are green and growing!

Since the day was so nice we treated the boys to ice cream cones.  It is so great to be able to eat outside again!  Grant enjoyed his cone with sprinkles - he found it an especially special treat.

Ahh - the Science Fair is over!  It was a great event!  However, I am also happy to have a little more time to get back to blogging.  Banana Bread is on the list for this week's Test Kitchen Thursday and since I had a very special request I'll share my Hot Cross Bun recipe next week (just in time for Palm Sunday).

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