Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 2 - State Fair Update

Whew!  Just sitting down to type a bit.  Just started the dishwasher and can see my kitchen counters again.  It's been a crazy few days since last I blogged.  Since I am going on very little sleep I will keep the blog short.

Saturday was pretty much spent baking bread.  I baked too long and put off the homework of entry tags and typing up recipes so was up much too late Saturday night (well into Sunday morning).  Made it to the fairgrounds early Sunday to submit the first food entries.  Mainly all breads and canned goods.  Last night as I was working on some of my recipes to complete them the nasty storm came through.  I unplugged the computer to keep working and went on battery power.  Luckily the battery does pretty well.  Then the storms got worse so I stayed up to make sure the kids would be OK.  Then we lost power (I worked on typing up some recipes by candlelight) - so stayed up later yet to make sure it came back on - otherwise I would have needed to do something different with boys' sleeping arrangements since their rooms get quite warm.  Finally went to bed only to wake up every hour as that seemed to be how often the storm intensified.

This morning the boys and I packed up and headed back to the fair with my entries to be judged today and tomorrow.  I won't be going down tomorrow - need to can up the rest of the peaches and work on some entries for later in the week.  Plus, we need groceries.  We also entered the Heritage Exhibits today.  I bribed Clark when we got there.  As we drove up the hill he saw the antique tractors that were set up and wanted to see them.  So, I told him if he was a good boy and patient (yes, he is beginning to understand that word) we'd look at tractors after we entered the exhibits.  He was good so after we went out and looked at the tractors.  I'm sure we'll be back many times in the next two weeks.  Grant practiced hill toddling.  Totally different learning how to balance going downhill.  And yet another change of muscles and balance going uphill.  It was fun to watch.

Not sure yet how most of the entries have done.  It's just too hard to stay for judging with the little ones.  I do know that in breads I had the first in class Rye Bread and Bread Machine Bread (second year in a row placing in that class - must be the awesome machine mom and dad got me as a Christmas gift).  Also, had the second place in class Beer Bread and Potato Bread.  The potato bread recipe is a keeper in my book - used fresh chives and is very yummy.

Those of you entering in the fair I hope all is going well for you!  Let me know how you do if you have the time!


Amanda said...

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Teresa B. said...

Good luck with all your fair entries! I've enjoyed reading about your progress. I'll look for your entries at the fair.

JJ said...

Saw you on IPTV last night and then searched for your blog. Think it's neat you made this your challenge... to exhibit so many things at the fair. I'm looking for your banana bread recipe... I'll see if it's posted now.

S said...

Did I misunderstand the IPTV Fair coverage? Do you plan to share the winning banana bread and chicken noodle soup recipes?

Anonymous said...

Andrea, it was delightful to see you and your family on IPTV. I googled and found your blog. Congratultions! My husband (Chad) and I knew you from ISU and Alan from FFA.
Christine G

JJ said...

Thanks for the recipes! Can't wait to get started.

JJ said...

Wonderful banana bread recipe. A new family favorite. Thank you!