Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 5 - IPTV Day

Today began the bread baking regime.  Actually not that bad.  By the end of the night I should have 4 breads done.  Have a few more in process to start right away tomorrow morning.  Below is the picture of my dilly bread I made for the TV spot.  It looked so beautiful coming out of the oven but fell completely flat after I took it out.  I let it raise too much on the second rise and thus collapse.  However, it tasted great and this meant we were able to eat bread for morning snack and with soup at lunch.  Dilly bread is our favorite bread to pair with soup.  In this family we pair breads to main dishes rather than wine - odd, I know.

IPTV came out to film a spot for the ISF show.  It was pretty fun.  Everyone got in on the action - even Clark.  They filmed Alan working on his soup and me working on some bread.

Clark pretty much played in his room but he did come out to help measure and see the action for awhile.

Why you ask am I wearing a head kerchief - food safety!  Or maybe just food etiquette.  The last thing I want is for a judge to find some of my hair so I aways make sure it's well covered.  Speaking of hair, I did go Wednesday evening to have it colored and cut.  You know, different look so no one recognizes me later this week :)  Just kidding - it was time for a change.

Now to play a bit of catch up:
Wednesday -- 
While we were at Hobby Lobby we walked past the model aisle.  I was slightly ahead of Clark when suddenly I heard - "Mommy - LOOK!"  That kid found the treasure chest of aisles.  I had been wanting to find him some glow in the dark stars for his room so we picked out a set with planets and stars.  He held it the whole way home.  Last night we put a few up to keep him satisfied.  Today we put them all on the ceiling.  He couldn't wait for it to get dark tonight!

Daddy also got out one of his StarTrek Starship Enterprises to hang on from the ceiling.  Clark was overjoyed.  I was amazed it came out of it's original packaging.  It is fun to watch the older Clark gets the more things he enjoys.  Space and anything related to it is definitely at the top of his list.

It was rather cute while we were at Hobby Lobby because Clark also picked out some craft glue (which we did need anyway) and said, "I want to go home and craft with you mommy!"  He's going to be my little crafter - he loves the craft room and all things craft related.  When we got home I showed him how to paint rocks.  He was so excited and made a very pretty rock.

Cleaning and Peaches.  Had to clean the house for multiple reasons.  A. this family does not function well when things are a mess, B. company was coming (with cameras) and C. I would rather work out of a clean house and come home to a clean house during this busy season.  Clark loved his newly cleaned room and today decided to pick up everything off the floor before nap to keep it nice and clean.

PEACHES!  This is why I did not blog yesterday.  I was up until midnight trying to finish off peaches before the ISF.  I just didn't want them going bad while we were busy with other things.  Put up Peach Jam (yum yum), Peach Butter and Peach Preserves.  A lot of my peaches still weren't ready so I am going to have to refrigerate them and find time to put them up.  (This is if Clark and Grant don't eat them all).

I had to share kitchen space with Alan yesterday as he worked on his soup preparations for his entry.

Mmm - roasted chicken for the soup with fresh herbs straight from the backyard.  Hard to beat. Today Grant helped with cutting the vegetables.

Anyway, I think that pretty much catches us up to date.  The next few days will be quite busy but I will try to blog as I can.  Sunday it begins - hope to see you at the fair!

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