Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 8 - Water Bath

This morning I asked myself - "fire up the water bath today, or not?"  Meh - I decided how could I just let it sit there.  Plus, I had a bag of garlic saying use me before I go bad.  No - my food doesn't really talk to me (it just silently sits there and guilts me into using it).  So, we made some caramelized onion and garlic jam.  I have wanted to try a savory jam and this one sounded especially good.  Clark helped with the chopping of onions by telling me - "it's OK mommy, you don't need to cry."  He also helped me wrap the garlic in foil to roast in the oven.  After nap we tried some for our afternoon snack with some crackers.  It's not too bad.  Would like to see how it goes with meat and cheese also.

Baked two cakes today.  A banana cake and a limeade cake.  I made the banana cake simply to get rid of some ripe bananas.  The limeade cake is simply yummy.  However, I discovered I had run out of the spray on baking spray with flour.  Had to grease and flour the pans the old fashioned way.  It worked but the other is better and faster.  For the limeade cake I had to use three 9" pans.  I have two sets of 9" pans.  So I used one pan from the other set to get my three layers.  I discovered this pan works so much better than the other set (that I thought was the nicer one).  Hmm, will be using the other set more frequently now.

See - look how nice this layer looks.  Yes, it is done even it doesn't look like it.

Arghh - these released from the pans so poorly and over baked the edges. 
Amazingly these were in 5 minutes LESS than the other pan. 
All fixable but the other pan turned out so nice.

Here are the banana cake layers.
I think these would have been nicer done in the other pan set.  In the end it's all about learning.

Concluded the day by watching the boys play in the bath.  Now that they are in bed I can begin cleaning efforts.  Somehow cleaning with them underfoot ends up in at least as much mess as I started with if not more.  Although I must admit Grant loves to throw things in baskets and buckets.  And when I tell Clark his room is too messy to put the tent up the floor magically becomes clean.

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