Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 11 - Weekend Update

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!

For those of you who thought I went missing - my apologies.  We went up to visit my parents for the weekend and celebrate their wedding anniversary along with my siblings and their families.  It was a great weekend and so much fun to share time together!

I decide this was as good a time to post as any.  I am waiting for the pressure canner to finish losing pressure so the corn can come out.  After we returned home today we put up 7 quarts of whole kernel corn.  Plus, I froze another 2 quarts in pint bags and froze a dozen whole ears of corn (yummy roasted with honey in the winter).

Here's a bit of play by play from our weekend:

After lunch my sister-in-law, mom and I went into town to do some shopping downtown.  Now some laughed when Hollie suggested we shop downtown Algona but she actually had a great idea and the stores we visited were wonderful!  All I have to say is - who would believe how many items I found back in my hometown that I had been looking for in order to finish some ISF entries?

Here is my teapot set that I found (I absolutely love it!):
Look - it can be put with so many different colors and color combinations since green is a neutral color when working with flowers!  I was so excited - plus it wasn't nearly as expensive as I feared it might be.  Actually a very good price and I can use it for many years.  If only I could get my taste buds to like tea - I've tried, grandma tried - it's no use.

We also visited a scrapbook store where I found some great paper to do my scrapbook page layouts.  I can't believe the selection they had.  And Hollie and I both found some pretty tops to wear.  I decided it might be a good idea to have a couple new shirts for the state fair since getting laundry done those two weeks may prove to be a challenge (and the sale was really good).  The guys went to pick sweet corn while we went shopping. I know not such a fair trade.  However, we did bring home chocolate from the new chocolate store in town (yum)!  Also, found out that the Faye Alberta peaches were in - my sister picked up 4 lugs for me (add peaches to the to do list for the week).

That evening the boys all got to sleep out in a tent with my brother.  The boys all seemed to enjoy it (not sure about Uncle Carl).  Grandma gave them Toy Story flashlights to use (play with) in the dark.

After the boys were in bed I broke out my cake decorating supplies to put the cake together.  Dad gave me a lesson on rose making!  Don't know that I'll ever get them down as good as his but it was great to learn.  My dad actually learned the art from his dad.  My grandpa used to do the roses for all the cakes.  Grandma would bake the cake, put it together and do the frosting and grandpa would make the roses and do a lot of the piping.  This is what dad told us anyway - since we never knew our Grandpa Clark.  It was so nice to hear the story and get to know my grandpa better through story telling as we decorated the cake.

That pretty much wrapped up Friday.

In the morning Clark and his cousin Ty played hopscotch.

Grandma even joined in the fun!

The Hummer in the background is my sister's significant other's new purchase that they are now as I type driving back to Alexandria, VA.  He is a very good mechanic and on Saturday the guys all got to know each other better out in the garage : )

Meanwhile, grandma gave a tour of her garden.  It looks so much better than mine (slightly jealous mom)!  The boys helped her pick some onions and they enjoyed smelling the flowers.

After lunch we all took family pictures in our ISU gear!  There are much better photos than this one but this was one of the better ones on my camera so will have to wait until the more professional ones get uploaded.  I did have a minor meltdown after photos when I realized how bad my hair looked.  Before the ISF I will be getting my hair done!  Yeah - more stuff to cram into this next week!

After nap time the boys went out to play on the new slip and slide.  That was a great investment on my mom's part.  The boys loved it.  It took the 3 year olds a while to warm up to it but by the end they were splishin' and splashin' away with Gabe (5 years).

Grant watched from a safe distance.  Although his younger cousin Callie thought it was great fun and dived right in.

Even Aunt Em joined in the fun!

Well, that was our weekend.  Even with everything going on I managed to squeeze in some ISF related items with help from family.  The best part was just spending a relaxing time with loved ones.

And with that my corn is ready to take out of the canner and the kitchen needs cleaned because tomorrow I start on food entries with a vengeance!  Not to mention getting the rest of the corn put up and some more beans and we should probably see what the cucumbers are up to in case they need processing this week as well.  Peaches should be ready to go by mid to late week.  Happy week for the chickens with all the scraps!

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