Tuesday, August 31, 2010

State Fair in Review

. . . the Iowa State Fair in pictures
Exploring the fairgrounds before the fair officially opens to the public.  Alan and I both had lots to do before the official opening of the gates to the public but we still had time to explore with the boys.

Exploring the fair in our little red wagon!  We used the umbrella the first part of the fair to keep rain off and the second part of the fair to shade the boys from the sun.

Having a picnic in the car (Clark looks upset but he really isn't.)  It was a nice day to roll the windows down and unpack our lunch while we watched various tall items being put up before the fair started.

Our yearly stop to get a bucket of cookies.  Only way to eat cookies - one in each hand!

It also serves as great headgear!  In addition to cookies we tried corndogs, strawberry smoothies, mini donuts, pork chop on a stick, and a number of other items.  Don't worry they were spread out throughout the entire fair with plenty of walking (and pulling the wagon) in between.

Also included a trip to Sonic after the fair one day.  Grant's first strawberry slush!

And of course, all the yummy homemade baked goods.

Water actually rushing down the railroad tracks like a river!

Clark was happy to go exploring with me in his pajamas early in the morning the day after the first big rainstorm.




Clark (and mommy's) first Sky Glide ride!

Ye Old Mill -- Clark's description - dark, light, dark, light, dark, light!

The Ferris Wheel

Never thought I would have press following me throughout a day.  Many thanks to Kyle Munson who was a lot of fun to talk to and did an excellent job with both of the articles about my challenge and my family - we think he is a very good columnist!  Thanks to IPTV - my husband is now booked to make Chicken Noodle Soup for a number of boards and committees he serves on!  And thanks to Cheryl Tevis from Success Farming - she put together a great article (and photo journalist, Harlen Persinger) -- again both were so much fun to work with.

This one is my absolute favorite!

And finally . . .

Some much needed rest!

Thanks to all of you who have followed my journey these past months.  Your encouragement, comments, and support have been amazing!  Thank You!  I hope you enjoy the recipes.  Since this is the last day of August, I believe this is a good time to end this portion of the blog.  You are more than welcome to continue following this blog - I plan to still bake and sew and garden and prepare for the 2011 fair with plenty of family moments worked in!  You might say this family just hasn't had enough fair time since this weekend we are heading north to visit friends in Wisconsin and take in the Minnesota State Fair!

I know not many will get this reference but since we are avid "Phineas and Ferb" fans
(in the words of Candace Flynn) --

Andrea is Out!  PEACE!
(at least for this year's fair)

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