Monday, August 23, 2010

The Monday After


Thanks to everyone that has supported me along the way!  I hope everyone had a terrific Iowa State Fair.  My fair challenge officially ended today when I went with the family to pick up all the ribbons and entries needing to be collected (and comment cards).

I do promise that I will post the winning recipes.  I will work on those later this week along with a detailed account of how the fair went.  I apologize that I haven't blogged during the fair but between soggy basements, finishing projects and making sure my boys had the attention they needed I haven't had a lot of time.

Just a few highlights -- 100 entries was achieved on the last Friday of the ISF with some floriculuture design entries!  All told I had a 32% rate on ribbons/placing (yes, 32 ribbons from 100 entries).  I am actually pretty excited about that number.  OK - Alan had 50% (1 placing out of 2 entries) - still.

Ribbon Count:
Overall Winner in a Division: 2
First Place: 8
Second Place: 9
Third Place: 8
Fourth Place: 4
Fifth Place: 1

Hmm, tonight sounds like a good night to take it easy and start a new cross stitch project (a new pattern I ordered just arrived in the mail last week)!


Mom said...

Rye bread and zucchini cake recipe please!!!

Kaye M. said...

Hello, Congrats on all your ribbons and particularly on getting 100 items entered! Wow, what an accomplishment! I'm in Nebraska and our fair starts on Friday. our state fair was moved from Lincoln to Grand Island this year. Lots of new building were constructed, its been an amazing thing to watch. Sewing and quilting are my interests so I entered 10 things, this is my first time to enter SF. The quilts were judged earlier this week on Sunday thru Tuesday. I got to help by folding quilts and getting classes together. It was quite an experience. Last year at Lincoln there were 467 entries which was a record number. With moving the fair people wondered what kind of response would occur. I am happy to report that quilting is alive and well in Nebraska, we have 704 quilts entered!!!!!!! Nobody dreamed we would get that many! Thankfully the fair board has provided us with a nice, new big room to display them and that process starts this afternoon. Just had to share my state fair news with you.
Kaye in Nebraska

spencers said...

Thanks for sharing Kaye! Wow 704 quilts - that's amazing! Whenever I view the fabric and thread exhibits all I can think is how many hours and how much love went in to all those pieces. Good luck!