Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 9 - Photo Finish

As I draw into the week of project deadlines for the ISF I find myself reminiscing on fairs past.  Why?  Mainly because I was asked today to locate old photos of myself exhibiting at past fairs.  Yes, IPTV called today and we have rescheduled for this Friday.  Along with doing the video taping here they requested I find some photos of my husband and myself at former fairs.  Tonight the family went through boxes trying to find some old photos to utilize.  Clark was pretty excited because we found a box of old toys that included some old Hot Wheels and Transformers for him to play with.  I found my old 4H record book - that brought back memories.  I suppose as much as I disliked putting it together at the time it is fun to look back at now.  I realize I was as nuts then as I am now.  I don't remember half those projects but man there were a lot of them.

Currently I am printing off some old photos of my grandmother in order to work on my scrapbook page.  I found a nice sepia tone paper that I want to use with her old ISU (should say ISC) days.

Today I managed to freeze 16 quarts of sweet corn, processed 8 pints of cream-style corn, and froze 3 dozen ears of corn on the cob.  This makes a sweet corn total of 20 quarts frozen corn, 7 quarts canned corn, 8 pints canned cream style corn and 4 dozen ears of corn on the cob.  That should see us through much of the winter.

This morning Clark asked if I would make cookies.  I asked what kind he wanted.  He told me the brown ones were his favorite.  Since that was the most detail I could get out of him I made a batch of molasses cookies.  Baking cookies in summer messes with me.  I needed to add more flour to this batch as you can plainly see.

But Clark liked them even if they were flat and smooshy.  Grant enjoyed one as well.  Alan was just happy to see cookies that didn't have to be put away for the ISF.

Finally - Beth, this photo is for you.  As I was looking through my old record book I came across this project. the doll is mine but guess who did the cute pot of flowers right next to my paper twist doll?  You should probably ask your husband.  Yes, those flowers were made by a current ISF Board member - let the games begin.

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