Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Friday Night Sew-In(s)

This month there will be TWO Friday Night Sew Ins (FNSI).  Whew - I need all the sewing time I can get right now.  It might be a little tough to fit them both in this month.  The first one for December is on the 10th which is Clark's Christmas Program for Preschool.  I still plan to join in even if I'm a little late getting started that night (I might have to start in the morning - is that cheating - hmmm).  The second one is the 17th which is the night before flying out to see my sister (and go wedding dress shopping)!  Not sure I'll have time to fit that one in the schedule.

If you want to join the fun too (and get a night - or two - of sewing in with lots of others) sign up for the December FNSI (you can find the button on the right hand side of my blog).

Can't wait to see what everyone accomplishes!


Hollie said...

Actually we are flying out on the 17th around noon so not sure you're going to get your sewing in unless you can do it at Em's:)

spencers said...

Hey - hand sewing on the plane counts! Although I better check rules on needles and scissors.