Thursday, December 2, 2010

Test Kitchen Thursday - Pecan Pie

In an odd turn of events I somehow ended up making all the pies for Thanksgiving this year.  What can I say - I need the pie practice.  Ended up making 4 pies: Pumpkin, Peach, Blueberry and Pecan.  I have never made pecan pie before - shocking, I know.  I have made all kinds of pies, including some chiffon pies, lemon meringue, coconut cream, chocolate - you get the idea; but never pecan.

As I asked my mother where her recipe was she decided to look one up on the computer.  After she had sifted through some I opened up my computer and started a search.  Ended up going with The Pioneer Woman's Pecan Pie.  We all figured one could not go wrong with her recipe.  After reading through it thought it sounded like a good one.

Ka- CHING!  That was the best Pecan Pie I have ever had (OK - I actually don't like pecan pie - which says a lot that I ate this and wanted more)!  If you love (or if you don't but want to try a good version) Pecan Pie you should really try this recipe!  My family likes pecan pie but this year there were practically fights over it (not really - but it was the first pie gone).  Some fillings are so sweet you can't eat it all - this one is sweet but in all the right ways and the flavor of the pecans really shines!

One thing I did differently was I toasted the pecans first - I know you're going to bake them but toasting the nuts makes a world of difference.  Try it - I bet you'll like it!

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