Sunday, December 5, 2010

When Old Becomes New

First, I must apologize for such sporadic posting since Thanksgiving week.  When you help out on a tree farm and wreath business during the season life this time of year is a little crazy.  But yesterday reminded me how often even the simplest things can be amazing in the eyes of a child.

Yesterday was pretty cold up in northern Iowa and Clark just couldn't stay outside.  He wanted so badly to come out with mommy and help but I had to say no.  As his whining became more high pitched while I was pulling on my overalls (yes, the burned ones) I spied from the corner of my eye our old Lite Brite.  I told Clark I had a special surprise for him if he came upstairs and settled down.  The tears stopped and the questions began.

Figuring there was no way after 20 some years the light bulb would still work I plugged it in anyway.  It still worked!  We even had "vintage" papers to put in.  Score 1 for mom!

Clark and his older cousin Gabe played literally all afternoon on the old Lite Brite.  Quietly concentrating the whole time and working together without argument.  The only minor discussion I overheard (which would only be heard between a 3 and a 5 year old boy) was: Clark - "that's the cows' wee wee"; Gabe - "no it's not a wee wee, Clark!"; Clark - "yes it is!"; Gabe - "no it's not." 

Once one sheet was done they undid the pegs to find a new design.   When you think about it the toy is so simple but it provided hours of entertainment.  In fact, they are back at it again this morning.

The only minor incident was last night my brother and I ended up resorting a bunch of pegs that were mixed together.  In the kids' defense even we had a hard time telling the greens from yellows and the pinks from reds!

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Anonymous said...

How cute! I think their little argument is quite a riot! =) Glad it all worked out for you!