Friday, December 10, 2010

Our First Christmas Program

Tonight was the first (of many) Christmas Program for one of our children.  Clark's Preschool had their Christmas Program at the church.  The 3 year old class and 4 year old class did a program together.  Is it odd that our son was tall enough to be in the back row not just with the 3 year old group but with the all the kids together.  Height must come from the great-grandpa's.

We have video of the little ones singing Happy Birthday to Jesus - just too cute (had problems uploading it though so will try again tomorrow!

Our photos weren't the greatest - but the little ones were still cute.

Once home mommy had to take some photos of the boys in their Christmas outfits.  They are next to their tree (that we put the final touches on today).

Grant just thinks this is a magical tree - and it's in his room!  He'll stand in his crib and look at it for a long time.  He can say bus and points out the bus on the tree.  Some days I wish they could stay 18 months forever.

Clark needed a photo next to his little tree in his room.  Little stinker - now he checks out the tree in Grant's room and if there is an ornament he thinks would be pretty on his tree it somehow ends up on his tree.  Luckily this little tree only holds so many ornaments.

As we were finishing up the boys' trees today we came to the ball ornaments.  I have about 6 boxes of them (8 ornaments each).  We decided the big tree should have 5 boxes and I gave Clark the final box for his tree.  I asked Clark if he could take the box to his room and I would help him after I finished in Grant's room.  So, listening to Christmas music and talking to Grant I finished hanging the last of the ornaments, read Grant a story and put him to bed for a nap.  Going to Clark's room I realized he had been pretty quiet.  Yep - he had hung all of the ball ornaments on his tree himself.  He was so proud.    No ornament hooks - he just stuck the balls on using their loops where an ornament hook would go.  No small task for him to get them all on there by himself so carefully so they wouldn't fall.  No pretty random placement - although if you look at the picture above he almost has them looped like garland.  What can I say - it's his tree he can decorate it how he likes (actually - I think it's pretty cute too).

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Anonymous said...

How precious! I just love to hear little children singing! Thanks for sharing. =)