Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Swaps

This year I decided to try a couple holiday swaps.  It's so much fun to create for others and to see what such talented people create and send you!

I must say on Christmas morning Tracy made me feel a bit inadequate.  Here are the lovely items she sent me (the rules of the swap were something chocolate, some fabric bits, something heartfelt/homemade and something unexpected):

I loved everything but this little planner/calendar book was my absolute favorite!  It is beautiful!  I could never be this creative with paper (so I appreciate all the more).

I have already started using it as a little planner to keep me organized this coming year!

Here were some other handmade items.  The fabric basket is so cute and a new charm pack is always loved and cherished here.

Look - my makeup bag even came well stocked!

Then these pretty dishes (and handmade card) - what can I say?  Other than how does Tracy know I have an obsession for pretty dish ware?

Some pretty blank cards.

A cute little friend book.

And candy wrapped so prettily and a holiday planner for next year!

All I can say is THANK YOU so very much Tracy!  The gifts were lovely, beautiful, awesome.  My new 2011 planner keeps getting looked at repeatedly (hopefully I don't fawn over it too much).  I hope to use it as a very special planner this coming year but will share with you all what that may be later in January.

This is what I sent to Tracy:

A little homemade pocketbook full of Burt's Bees mini's. (Tutorial found at Noodlhead)

This little lamb - hope he found a good home!  He was a Little House Needlework ornament.

Some yummy chocolate - Chocolaterie Stam is a big deal in this part of the state.  They make amazing chocolates (they also sponsor a candy division in the Food Department at the Iowa State Fair).

And some fabric tidbits.  Some vintage and some Christmas (modern and more traditional).  I really hope my swap partner liked her gifts - she really went above and beyond with such sweet, lovely little gifts.

Also - I participated in the HoHo Holiday Swap by GenX (&Y) Quilters.

Here is the ornament I sent my partner:

And my little ornament that was waiting in my mailbox when I returned from New York:

Clark has confiscated it for his tree.

Hope you all had some nice little surprises as well!

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Beth said...

So cool! The organizer looks really neat. Looking forward to browsing through it with you.