Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorating the Kids' Tree

Tonight we decorated the kids' tree.  Let me back up.  Ever since we have had a little one in the house we have (OK that would be pretty much just be me) put a little tree in the room.  When Grant was born he received a tree in his room too.  These were traditionally small real trees.  Let's say mommy has gotten tired of cleaning needles and watering trees in their rooms.  So earlier this year at an estate sale I picked up a small tree for Clark's room. He LOVES it - it's fiberoptic!  Today while killing some time before picking up Clark from preschool, Grant and I headed to the Salvation Army.  All the Christmas decor was 75% off - including trees.  We picked up a really nice tree (for an artificial tree) for under $12.00.

Put the tree up in Grant's room and since it is so much bigger than Clark's most of the kids' ornaments will hang on this tree.

I love that all of the ornaments are grouped in a ring about 2 - 3 feet off the ground.  Love it!

Grant very much enjoyed helping handing out the ornaments.

We have lots of Hallmark ornaments but our tradition is to buy a Fisher Price Hallmark ornament for the boys each year.

This year Clark received the school house - appropriate since he started preschool this year.

Grant received the airplane.  A. - the child loves all things transportation and B. he took his first plane trip this year.  Amazing how well those ornaments worked out this year.

Finally, Clark and daddy attaching the star to the top.  At the rate I'm getting things done I'm contemplating bringing a very old German tradition into our home.  Waiting to decorate the main tree in the living room until Christmas Eve to leave as a surprise for Christmas morning.  Not sure I can wait that long to have my tree lit though.

Happy decorating!

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