Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 1 - Kids Clothing Week Challenge

Pajama pants were on my list for getting some items done for the boys.  These pants were made from an old t-shirt out of our t-shirt bag.  I was actually just wanting to try out the pattern I had made to make sure everything fit right.  You know - before cutting into the fabric I bought and messing it all up.

Once Grant had them on he didn't want to take them off!  So I guess they passed the comfort test.  The emblem was cut out of the middle of the t-shirt and just zigzag stitched onto the bottom.  They should go over well when he wears them on our trip to the National FFA Convention later this month.

 A view of the front (old paint splatters and all).

The pants went together so quick I even had time to do some sewing for baby girl.  Well - this skirt was mainly cutting and knotting - but there was sewing involved in finishing the elastic and adding the grossgrain waistband.  I left extra elastic and tucked it under the tulle so as she grows there is some room to let it out.  Again - great colors for the FFA Convention. 

This is so new to me - the high school kids are actually EXCITED that the kids and I are going along.  In fact, there are arguments among the high school kids going as to who will get to watch over/hang out with which of my boys.  Ahh - I can't tell you what a happy place we're in right now!  Although the Alumni at the school are all afraid we might pull up stakes if we aren't happy.  Many of the concerns due to the fact that we are renting our home.  We are always being informed of acreages in the area for sale! 

Finally, at the end of the evening I put together the pattern for Addie's black skirt that she'll need.  I am using the XS size but didn't want to cut the original Simplicity pattern down that far (since I'll probably make the skirt again in a larger size next year).  Transferred it onto freezer paper and now am ready to cut and hopefully sew today.  And yes, for those that know what I'm up to this week - I am procrastinating on the jackets.  Mainly because cutting into that thick cordouroy is almost a painful experience.

Alright - off to work I go - have a great day!

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