Wednesday, October 12, 2011

kcwc - Days 2 & 3

Time slipped away from me yesterday (Tuesday) - so didn't get to blog about little Addie's skirt.

Since it was for a newborn it didn't take long at all - pretty much just an hour.  I am however considering adding a little ruffle embellishment to the bottom but I'm just not convinced.  Tried it on her this morning before sewing the elastic shut and it fit perfectly!  Well, as perfectly as anything fits a 7 week old.

And below is a photo of today's work:

This is Clark's new blue cordouroy jacket being laid out.  Since I'm doing a replica of a 1940's jacket there is no perfect pattern.  Most of the time today was spent figuring out how to alter/modify the pattern.  Once that was accomplished I remeasured my son (which took bribes and conjoling) to make sure I had the fit right.  Before cutting into this fabric I wanted to make sure there would be no mistakes/regrets.  Everything is now cut out and ready for the sewing machine.  And before I get comments on the look of the fabric - yes, I did cut it out with wrinkles in the fabric.  This fabric is so stiff and unwieldy it isn't funny.  Rather than struggle with such a large piece on the ironing board I cut it this way smoothing as I went and now that the pieces are cut I will steam them all and reassess the cut before stitching everything together.  This is not my first dance with this fabric - I have found this works better than other methods.

Hopefully I will have power to my machine tomorrow.  The house we're renting is getting an electrical makeover.  The electrician is actually adding a second box and moving some of the wires.  After I told the landlords about the potential dryer problem with double wires going to the fuse for our dryer they brought out an electrician that verified my find and noticed other similar problems throughout the box.  Whew - I'll feel safer when it's all fixed but somewhat of a nuisance while parts of my house go dark throughout the day.

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