Monday, October 3, 2011

Sometimes it's the Little Things

Sometimes it really is the little things that take your day or week from good to awesome.  Sunday we fixed our dryer - no repair person needed, no major problems (we thought a bearing or the belt was bad - but found out when we opened it up all it needed was a good cleaning).  Yay - I did loads and loads of laundry today!  Clean floors - clean clothes - so happy!  Before this we either took it all over to grandpa's to wash and dry OR washed what we needed and hung it out on the line.  Not that I mind hanging laundry on the line; however, with three little ones and the amount of laundry they go through the speed of a dryer is so very welcome!

Last time I blogged about my $1.00 dresser.  It's now all cleaned up and has the first coat of primer on.  I found this great (and cheap) attachment you put on the spray can to act more as a trigger. 

I LOVE it.  Mine isn't exactly like the photo above but it's close.  No spray paint finger, my hands stayed clean, and it provides much better control and coverage.  I will never spray paint without it again.

But the best little thing today was Addie smiling at me for the first time!  She only did it once but I know it was a directed smile.  I made some popping sounds which she seems to like and her face lit up and she smiled right at me.  I don't have a picture of her smiling (yet) but I thought this picture was sweet.

Those were my happy little moments today - hoping all of you have some happy little moments throughout your day as well!

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