Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kids Week Clothes Challenge

It seems like it's been forever since I've joined in an on-line challenge.  But this one came at just the right time.  The boys need some new jammies (fabric already purchased) and both need new blue cordouroy jackets for the National FFA Convention coming up later this month.  Addie also needs a black skirt and blue cordouroy jacket (although she could use a hand me down jacket if needs be).  Those are the highest needs on my children's clothing list.  I have some patterns and fun fabrics for a couple other small projects if time allows.

Monster fabric for Halloween pajamas.

Robot fabric for some soft pajamas.

So this challenge works out great - hopefully it will give me the motivation to keep going and finish some clothes for the kiddos.  The hostess is so right - it's amazing what you can accomplish with sewing if you can find an hour a day to devote.

And no, I don't have a sewing room yet - however, I have set up a temporary sewing area in the massive dining room.  The sewing/craft room will eventually go up in the 3rd floor attic (can't wait - such a great space but at this point not completely climate controlled).  But for right now I have a great view.  Thank you to my husband for cleaning out the invading Asian Beetles that were streaming into the room last night!

Want the details?  Go to HERE to Elsie Marley's blog.  She always has great sewing ideas for kids.

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