Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turning 2 Months Old

Busy, busy week!  Last week we were in Indianapolis for the National FFA Convention. 

To catch you up - yes I finished two new kids FFA jackets just in time for the convention and completed my Kids Clothing Week Challenge!  Addie's jacket went together in 2 hours!  Getting lots better at sewing jackets.  I'll put the FFA Convention in a seperate post.

This week Addie turned 2 months old!  Here's a video of what she's up to now.

And Addie's 2 month picture.

Other than that we've been working hard getting everything shored up outside before colder and more inclimate weather sets in.

This has also been a busy work week prepping sponsorship materials and preparing info for teachers.  To top it all off the boys completely changed their minds on Halloween costumes so I have $13.00 worth of fabric we picked up today ready to sew into Knight's tunics.  Luckily we had the swords and shields in the pretend play toy box so no cost there. (What were they going to be? Clark was set to be Darth Vader - a costume we bought last year but he didn't want to wear and Grant was going to be a dinosaur/dragon.  But Clark decided he wanted to be a knight after seeing the stuff in our pretend play box.  Thought it would be neat if Clark was a knight and Grant was a dragon - but no, Grant also wants to be a knight.)

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Hollie said...

Good Grief she is getting so big already! Glad you guys had a safe trip to and from convention. Ty just asked the other day when he could see Baby Addison again:)